About Us

Survey Trinidad & Tobago Ltd is a leading provider of Land Surveying and Geomatics services in Trinidad and Tobago. If you need qualified and experienced land surveyors in Trinidad and Tobago then you've come to the right place.

Survey Trinidad and Tobago Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act of Trinidad and Tobago. We are one of the most diverse land surveying companies in Trinidad and Tobago and have been in existence for over 15 years.

Our compliment of professional staff collectively has a wealth of over 69 years of experience in the land surveying industry.

We are committed to the development of Trinidad and Tobago and as such we wish to offer our land surveying services to you. We can assist in helping you meet your land surveying needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We maintain our membership and registration status with the two professional bodies: The Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago, and The Land Survey Board of Trinidad and Tobago.

Your Goals are Our Goals … Surveying is Our Business.

What We Do

Our core services include: Topographic Surveys, Cadastral Surveys, Engineering Surveys, Stockpile (Volume) Surveys, Subdivision Surveys, Condominium Surveys of Townhouses and Apartments, 3D Laser Scanning and GPS Surveys.

At the heart of what we do is a passion and commitment that ensures our client’s surveying business is done effectively and efficiently.

What Makes Us Different

We are committed to making every project a success. Our unique strengths are:

  • Experience: Experience in large and small scale projects.
  • Dedication: Audited accounts and professional personnel behind every task.
  • Flexibility: Reports and drawings can be provided in paper or digital formats.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the best quality service and accurate results to our customers through the use of professionalism, efficiency and experience with the latest technology available to help our clients make better design, structural and business decisions. We aim to achieve this with total staff commitment, care for the environment and safety awareness.