3D Laser Scanning Services - Telecommunications

Mapping telecommunication towers and telephone lines with laser scanning makes mapping these features seem effortless. Laser scanning is capable of determining the size and position of antennae on cell towers without surveyors needing to gain access to the tower.

Accessing these towers to measure by climbing, using man lifts or scaffolding is dangerous, tedious, costly and expensive. 3D laser scanning will acquire an enormous amount of data without anyone lifting both feet off the ground.

Our services and deliverables as applicable to Telecommunication include:


TruView is a 360 degree intelligent digital photo that captures all visual objects, including overhead racks, cable trays, power/communication cable runs, and demarcation areas. Objects can be marked up and measured from any point of reference. Also, any elevations can be marked and calculated automatically. Any area scanned with TruView and marked up can be sent via email or placed on the web for retrieval and easy collaboration.

Point clouds

Point clouds are millions of intelligent data points representing every detail of the object scanned regardless of size. The accuracy of intelligent data points is 1 centimeter to 100 meters, and greater detail at closer distances and with different techniques. When grouped to define an object area 2D drawings, with extremely accurate measurements complete with elevations, can be generated in AutoCAD.