3D Laser Scanning - Power and Utilities Facilities

Mapping Cellular towers, Power and Utility Facilities is a dangerous tedious, costly and expensive task. To access these towers man lifts and scaffolding have to be used. With the probability of being electrocuted, this task definitely requires an innovative method.

3D laser scanning is tailored for this job. Laser scanning is capable of determining the size and position of antennas on cell towers without surveyors needing to gain access to the tower. 3D laser scanning will acquire an enormous amount of data without anyone lifting both feet off the ground.

Traditional methods of measuring substations can take weeks with several crew members, several site visits and substantial safety risks. 3D laser scanning has changed the way engineers design, develop and upgrade substations. With 3D laser scanning a substation can be surveyed without touching anything. This avoids costly downtime and interrupted electrical service to customers. Absolutely no contact is made with high voltage areas and there is no need to revisit the site to collect more measurements.

3D scan data provides information that otherwise might be missed. Electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineers as well as civil and structural engineers use this data to avoid clashes when designing around pre-existing assets.

For more information on how 3D laser scanning assists law enforcement agencies in solving crime, please visit YouTube and search.