3D Laser Scanning Services - Engineering

Our 3D high definition laser scanning offers many benefits and unique implementations in the engineering industry:

  • Provides linkage of information between architects and construction
  • Clash control for piping
  • 3D topographical site scanning
  • Permanent 3D representation of sites
  • Early measurement and verification of foundation structures
  • Verification of construction adherence to engineering specification
  • 3D Animation

Our 3D laser scanning services save civil engineering projects substantial time and money. With an accurate 3D laser scanning model showing the as built condition, we help you reduce overall design and construction time, avoid costly RFIs and construction delays and provide precise volumetric and topographic information. The level of detail and accuracy far exceeds the capabilities of traditional survey methods, and the money saved from utilizing this information exceeds the cost of our services.

3D laser scanning is a fast and safe way to capture as-built information needed for road and bridge design, inspection, and monitoring. We can completely document congested roadways without interrupting traffic flow and putting our staff at risk.

The data captured from our 3D scans is an exact replica of the site; this is clearly an advantage over traditional surveying methods for the fact that the client does not have to visit the site until there are changes. All data for the site is already contained within the scan, saving time and money.