3D Laser Scanning Services - Architecture

With the advancement in laser technology within the last decade architects, engineers and designers are saving precious professional time. 3D laser scanning can now produce highly accurate, true to scale, as-built, data in rapid time without coming into contact with the object or feature. This is extremely applicable for historical buildings with high ceilings or areas that are difficult to access.

No object or feature escapes the purview of the scanner, once it can be seen. It can be scanned and digitally modeled. Facades, sculptures and ornaments are also easily captured.

The skeleton steel frame, elevator shafts, concrete walls, existing infrastructure systems and equipment can be scanned to determine its as-built location in relation to design. This data can assist architects and engineers in reducing labour and rework costs for installing facades, glass equipment retrofits and building additions.

3D Laser Scanning Image

So when the challenge is building remodeling, design and building plans cannot be found, we can provide the following:

3D Scanning Services

  • Electronic file output in AutoCAD
  • 2D and 3D drawings of building facades
  • All Elevations
  • All 3D images are presented with registered coordinate points
  • All scans have extremely high precision and accuracy
3D Laser Scanning Image
3D Laser Scanning Image
3D Laser Scanning Image

All Electronic File Deliverables Include

  • 360° rotational photographs and images with measurable x, y, z coordinates (Trueview)
  • Point clouds containing millions of registered data points
  • Ability to produce graphic 3D computer models
3D Laser Scanning Image
3D Laser Scanning Image
3D Laser Scanning Image


  • Fly-through video presentation

Other examples of 3D Laser Scanning Services can be found on YouTube.